Pumpkin Night Chapter 13

With both Naruto and the girl captured by Naoko things don’t look too bight as Naoko decides to live stream the entire thing. Read Online Download Patreon Just to let you know the raws that will be used from now on are from the official site which the quality isn’t very good but it’s doable … Continue reading Pumpkin Night Chapter 13

Pumpkin Night Chapter 12

With Naoko on the loose once more she’s free to terrorize the bullies. Meanwhile, Detective Matsui and company try to get to the bottom of what really happened. Hook line and sinker as I say. Read Online  Download Patreon Also you’ll be pleased to know that I will be releasing another chapter of Killing Morph … Continue reading Pumpkin Night Chapter 12

Pumpkin Night Chapter 6

Had some serious Hellraiser 2 flashbacks when doing this chapter. The thought of getting cut up by hospital instruments is a deadly affair. Great movie by the way. Hellraiser 2 Clip With that aside let’s get to the manga, now that Saki is alive and well in the hospital it’s time for the medical staff … Continue reading Pumpkin Night Chapter 6