Cantarella Chapter 48 English Translation

Really? That’s all we get for an ending? I mean there’s being lazy and then there’s being Cantarella, I wasn’t expecting closure on everything but there could have at least been a bit at the end telling us what happened to everyone. but who cares because it’s only fiction, it’s not like people became invested … Continue reading Cantarella Chapter 48 English Translation

Cantarella Chapter 47 English Translation

Yeah I know I said that I was going to drop the series, but then I changed my mind like usual. Anyway the links are below: Download Read Online/Download PDF And the next chapter is 60 pages so that’s going to take a while, I don’t really feel like jumping head first into it right … Continue reading Cantarella Chapter 47 English Translation

Cantarella Chapter 46 English Translation

First of all, I know the scans are crap but that’s all I had to work with. Second, the typesetting here isn’t the best so I’ve included a link to the PSD files if anyone wants to improve or download them for whatever reason. Read Online Download Read Online/Download PDF Download PSD’s Other than that, … Continue reading Cantarella Chapter 46 English Translation

Cantarella Volume 12 Chapter 45

Now this really took me a while to do, mainly because I totally forgot about it and I couldn’t really be bothered to continue. That and I don’t find Cantarella interesting anymore, so I probably won’t be continuing with the scanlation. There’s not really anything else to say, the links are below. Read Online (Coming … Continue reading Cantarella Volume 12 Chapter 45

Cantarella Volume 11 Chapter 43 & 44

Well, here you have it, the last chapter or chapters (I don’t know, I didn’t bother checking) of volume 11 of Cantarella has been finished after it was chosen (or rather I did) by community members over at myanimelist. Anyway you can have your cake, the link is below. And for those who are wondering … Continue reading Cantarella Volume 11 Chapter 43 & 44


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Recent Developments

Just a little FYI for all those that actually read these posts, I have started a new job and naturally this means that some projects will be getting either stalled or dropped altogether. I’ll list them below: Gilgamesh – Stalled.Cantarella – Stalled.Guyver – Dropped.Those Who Hunt Elves – Currently working on releasing the entire of … Continue reading Recent Developments