Freak Island Chapter 54

Freak island.jpg

With the girls trapped in the church left to deal with the Milkies man, the Freaks of the Island must race to the cave before the tree is burnt to a crisp. 

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Now I know 99 percent of you probably don’t read my blog posts but this is important. If you didn’t know already Freak Island (and other manga) has moved publisher to MangaLine which is a new Japanese site/phone APP where mangaka released their comics. This has made getting RAWS for numerous series next to impossible considering they don’t release the new chapters on their website but only through the phone APP for security purposes. You need a Japanese phone number and an account registered in Japan with LINE to even access the APP and naturally a VPN. So unless we want to wait months if not half a year again until the next volume release then we’ll need to find someone to remedy this issue. Also it’s not on the muh secret club because the Japs can’t be arsed to workaround this issue for obvious reasons.


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