Freak Island Chapter 47

freak island chapter 47 chillock scans.jpg

Now I know it’s been ages since I last released a chapter, this is for 2 reasons: Masaya Hokazono is re-releasing all volumes of Freak Island under a new publisher and the chapters available through their APP are region blocked with access only available to those with a Japanese phone number. I was lucky enough to get a bunch of chapters by sacrificing a few Otakus. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter.

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Also if there’s any problems then please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Freak Island Chapter 47

  1. Jesus fucking christ I’ve been waiting almost a year for barely two chapters. What a shame. I hope you can get the newer chapters easier from now on


    1. Well it did go on hiatus until it resumed publishing months ago. Though I’ve the next ten chapters so theres something to look forward to. Also since the volumes are being rereleased its gonna be a while until it hits shelves


  2. Not to mention we have to deal with le epic memes and hilarious linkin park references. Not saying Kichikujima isn’t a funny as fuck manga, but if you’re too fucking lazy to translate properly or your shit-for-brains can’t read a certain kanji, maybe try an original joke or something if you’re going to rewrite. 2010-era memes are a sad crutch for people who are internally greatly unfunny. I genuinely had a worse time reading chapter 46 than the time my proctologist finger fucked my prostate in an effort to get my puckered asshole to open up so he could get a better look at my hemorrhoids. And that story is more true than it is fake.


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