Chang Sheng’s Nine Lives Man Chapter 1


Yep, more Chang Sheng! This time it’s the first chapter of his latest work: Nine Lives man. This one in particular is an influenced remake of the manhua of the same name which was released way back in 1985, read quite a bit by students in Taiwan and China at the time. Though you wouldn’t really know that unless you are familiar with the name and the story behind it.

Anyway, here’s a spoiler free description of the comic:

Chang Sheng’s adaption of “Nine Lives Man” is here for the 30th anniversary! The story follows Meng Jiu Ge (Nine Lives Meng) as what seems like a chance encounter with a homeless man leads him to understand that his life is only one of many He will live as he tries to understand the destruction of the city and those mysterious masked people that visited him.

ding dong.jpg

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For now the comic seems to be a bunch of intertwined stories which will most likely make more sense in the long run as explanations are given. Hopefully this one will be as good as Oldman, enjoy!

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