Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 51

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That’s right! The Elf Hunters are back in action in yet another chapter! This time the gang are told the story a match seller who befell a terrible fate in the freezing cold. Not wanting it to happen to another match seller Celcia-san aims to prevent her terrible fate causing much ruckus in the process.

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Also TWHE is a labour intensive project of mine as I’m taking the comic apart, scanning, cleaning the pages, translating and then typesetting.

10 thoughts on “Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 51

  1. I want to give my appreciation for your efforts in scanlating “Those Who Hunt Elves.” I had decided to kick back and watch my DVDs of the two anime series tonight. As I did, I wondered how the manga story went, since I never did buy it when ADV was publishing it. I know the manga has been over for years now and to see someone work on scanlating all of the volumes ADV never did (AND including Japanese honorifics), I’m very grateful.

    Please continue the great work here.


      1. I had to sell most of my anime collection years ago when I had $35K in medical bills to pay off. But when Sentai first re-relesaed the series on DVD, I immediately purchased it, though this is the first time I’ve actually watched their release. I forgot how many liberties ADV took with the subtitles.

        Anyway, it is interesting to see from the first anime series how few stories they actually adapted from the manga. It will be interesting to see if my favorite episode from the 2nd anime series are stories in the manga. And beyond that, it will be interesting just to see how this franchise has gone on for so many years. (I understand that the TWHE2 manga series only ended this year.)


  2. BTW, because of your work on chapter 48, and it being the sequel to Those Who Wipe, I ended up laughing so hard last night, I literally busted a blood vessel in my nose. 😅😅😅 That aside, it has been ages since I laughed that hard. Most of Yagami-sensei’s stuff is enjoyable, but every now and again, he just opens up a gut buster.


      1. You’re very welcome. The only reason I mentioned it was because I was paying a bill via PayPal last night and noticed your payment status was pending. So I wanted to make sure you got it. (And to “encourage” you to continue the hard work with TWHE. 😜)


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