R402 Chapter 6 – Ex Oblivone


That’s right, another chapter of your favorite plucky British manga character is out.  I say that ironically. This time we have Sasamoto longing for Haji like a pint of Guinness, naturally he tracks her down to her place of work like a right old creep. You gotta feel sorry for the poor guy.

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Also this was the last chapter of this volume so we kinda have to wait for the next one to come out or if someone actually bothers the scan the magazine it’s printed in. Meh.

6 thoughts on “R402 Chapter 6 – Ex Oblivone

  1. “I can’t keep my emotions bottled up like a tine of Monster Energy™” Welp all interest I had in this is dead until someone else starts translating. Christ.


      1. This might be because the current situation is discouraging to be honest. As you probably know people will eat that shit up without caring at all about the translation, settling for meme laughs.
        For those who care let them try to decipher the text and be done with it. All in all the manga doesn’t deserve this no matter how shit you think it is. Rewrites can be fun when the actual translations exist. It’s frustrating when they don’t.
        I do lile your translations which is why I took the time to offer feedback here. I also wish you’d pick up Those Who Hunt Elves again.

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