[Uzuki Nakamura] R402 Chapter 3


With Sasamoto pondering on his past and trying to put things past him to no avail, Imori tries to get Sasamoto to come to a drink party but naturally he has other things on his mind.

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By the way I’ll be taking a break from this to work on a few other things.

2 thoughts on “[Uzuki Nakamura] R402 Chapter 3

  1. This translation has literally made me drop your releases the quality of the images are high but the bullshit overuse of British slang has absolutely ruined it, I mean I’m British born but even we don’t use that much slang it’s the chavvy white trash type of slang that only some of the benefit scrounging white trash use.

    Its hard to understand for many people except white trash, such a shame I hope you stop translating this way it’s fucking ruined the enjoyment levels

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