Pumpkin Night Chapter 14


Now that Naruto has been captured by Naoko he has no choice but to tell the truth about the Halloween accident. Will he make it out alive or will he go the way of the Dodo?

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If you don’t know already this is the latest released chapter which means we’ve caught up with the Japanese release schedule which is monthly/bi-monthly at the current rate. Naturally that means we’ll be waiting a while until the next chapter comes out so I hope you are in for a long wait.

Though in the meantime you can look forward to the Volume release of Pumpkin Night which will feature a bunch of fixes here and there. Also I’ll be working on Killing Morph after a long absence so I’m sure a few of you will be pleased our favorite Stand user is coming back.

One thought on “Pumpkin Night Chapter 14

  1. It’s been about three months since the last raw was released…

    Unless I’ve been checking the wrong site for direct raw releases.


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