Saturn Edition Biohazard Official Guide Capcom-Famitsu

FYI you will need a microsoft account to download.

– Presentation of some images into puzzles of the game and the main important points about the objects, weapons, maps, documents.

– Game Guide illustrated plans in the beginning of each section, as well as many screenshots on every page. Note that in the bottom of each page are specified the factors to be considered in every part of the game, it’s pretty convenient.

– Alternative scenes Guide.

– Secrets of the game: battle mode, rocket launchers, special key, costumes, and a list of points of the game (?)

– Listing of arms.

– Presentation of monsters with screenshots and descriptions.

– Fast course.

– Battle Mode Illustrated Guide plans and screenshots.

– At the end there are folding pages, however their content is difficult to determine, can be the guide of objects found in each room.

Part 1!3394&authkey=!ANOxPY1B9dJR76k&ithint=file%2crar

Part 2!3395&authkey=!AIQNCyAsRCehVsk&ithint=file%2crar

Part 3!3396&authkey=!AKK2xoPMCAxhmfc&ithint=file%2crar

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