Biohazard/Resident Evil Outbreak Perfect Capture Guide – Capcom Perfect Capture Series


– Summary of identity cards of the 8 playable characters (age / height / weight / job / special item)

– Presentation of the game: game principle, features: movements, scenarios, orders, documents, cards, documents, SP-Items, events … all illustrated in pictures

– Presentation of detailed characters with artwork, screenshots, data and explanations

– Full report on the weapons of the game, with screenshots

– Complete file on the enemies of the game, with screenshots, artworks and descriptions

– Folder “Survival Tips”

– Complete Walkthrough five scenarios of the game, with detailed plans, screenshots, drawing events for each scenario, complete list of events with a file explaining how to unlock certain events

– Folder on the network game, network game guide

– Complete folder on SP-5 scenarios Items

– List of all the objects and weapons in the game illustrated in pictures

– Tables locations of all objects in online mode

– Focus on the porch of the game explaining how to unlock all

– S Rank Guide for all scenarios

– Game Documents!2781&authkey=!ANj1cPepLQllDgA&ithint=file%2crar!2783&authkey=!AL7gWxyLpoaAmIE&ithint=file%2crar!2784&authkey=!AHyf8aaOONd3eEA&ithint=file%2crar!2789&authkey=!AOl1J2aEOFFSdNs&ithint=file%2crar

As usual, Futabasha done in the sober with this excellent guide, thick, and stuffed full of satisfactory quality images as well as artworks. The information it contains is accurate and well arranged, making it pleasant to look at and use to play.

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