Guyver Chapter 186 English Translation

Alright, here’s the next chapter. Not much happens story wise, but otherwise it’s an alright chapter. Don’t really have much else to say.


7 thoughts on “Guyver Chapter 186 English Translation

  1. Thank you for picking this up and making it available again.

    While this is greatly appreciated, I am very confused about something. The chapter numbering is greatly out of sync with what I already have read and I am very confused now about how far behind I have fallen since putting this series down years ago. Like what you have as 184 is much further ahead than my 184, which was still in the middle of the gigantic guyver 1 v guyver 3 battle. Can you give me a rundown about this discrepancy? Where multiple chapters compressed between magazine and tank?


  2. Yes, you are correct. The publishers have combined many of the magazine chapters into a single chapter for the tank and some were only a handful of pages long. Based on Chillocks numbering this is the start of tannk 31 –

    31 volumes have been released so far, and there is probably enough material for a 32nd, so we are about 3 volumes behind current release.

    I hope this helps.


  3. Oh! and thanks very much for picking this up!! I have also been behind for the past 2-3 years!! It's going to be great to finally read the 15 odd chapters i've missed!!


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