Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey Book 03 – Spectre, Sleeping on My Chest – Chapter 5 – Stupid public showdown

Chapter 5 – Stupid public showdown

Sewage water flowed out from the broken sink onto the floor, the water flowed through the door opened by Hirietta. Orphen stood silently in the sewage water, staring at the “spectre”——Samii, as he calmly thought.
(According to the words of Fonogorosu, there should be a total of four man-made beasts……)
Hirietta saw that he didn’t respond, so she started shouting:
Fonogorosu created a large amount of man-made beasts. But Orphen……his ultimate goal is to transform all of humanity.”
“So……this guy was chosen as a test subject, am I right?”

Orphen slowly asked, as he looked at the spectre.
Hirietta stepped forward, he shoes making noise on the wet floor. She stood next to Orphen, and pulled a dagger from her scabbard.
“That’s right. His name is Samii. He was one of Fonogorosu’s assistants and lived with him. He was the last man-made beast that Fonogorosu made……it is a cruel fate.”
“……Does he retain the ability to think logically?”
Orphen stretched his right hand towards Hirietta, he gave her a threatening look. Hirietta’s face twisted for a moment……then she shook her head.
“How could he. His mind and body are gone. He has long been mad, whenever he sees a sorcerer, he just can’t help but think it’s Fonogorosu. And thus——he attacks!”
At the same time she said that——Orphen grabbed Majic’s shoulder, and pulled him away from the sink. Hirietta also retreated across the room. A black fog soon filled the room, Orphen was trembling. Samii turned the air of the basement into a tornado, the air started to collide with everything in the room. Then suddenly——sonic boom! Everyone felt like they had just been hit with a hammer, numerous cracks appeared all over the walls.
Orphen staggered as he tried to regain his footing, and said:
“He’s not going to give us a chance to understand what’s going on. Get back.”
It seemed that the time for talking was over. The fog started to drift around the room again, but this time——it took a human form——
It rushed towards them!
“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”
Orphen shouted, as he directed his hand towards the centre of the mist. A wave of heat and light flew towards the black fog, but it got blown away by the swirling vortex……then, the fog started to gather again.
Majic said behind Orphen, his voice wavering. Orphen didn’t look back, he was solely concentrating on Samii.
“This spectre. How are we going……”
“It’s not a spectre. It’s a man-made beast.”
“Fine, how do we beat this man-made beast?”
“Ask the fish, maybe it knows.”
Orphen said, pointing to the fish on the ground. He was joking, but Majic took him seriously.
Majic took a deep breath, and slowly walked towards——
“Watch out!”
Orphen knocked Majic to the ground, he got back up and shouted:
“Master, what are you——”
As Majic shouted, he became aware of a hand holding a knife on the ground——it was Kenkurimu.
Majic felt sick, his cry echoing throughout the basement. Orphen quickly straightened his arm, and cried:
Sword that has conquered demons, I brandish!
With that cry, a sword appeared in Orphen’s hands. He drew a deep breath, and brought down the sword upon the invisible Kenkurimu, slicing the hand off and cracking the floor.
And then——
Majic shouted again, a dark black whip appeared out of the shaft above the sink. It made a whip like motion towards Majic’s feet. Whack! ——Flesh was crushed, blood and meat flew across the room. Majic wasn’t hit, but the fish was. The huge fish was now divided in two, cold blood spilled onto the floor.
“Sword of light——”
Orphen aimed for the shaft, but the whip was too fast——
(Too late!)
If he doesn’t get his attack off, his head could be cut off.
A sharp metal sound rung out, Hirietta had blocked with whip with her knife. Orphen looked at her thin face——she had a nervous smile. Orphen then turned and shouted:
“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”
A white light filled the basement, and the resulting explosion from Orphen’s attack broke off part of the ceiling. Falling rubble and sand fell from the hole——hidden in the rubble was a heavy figure covered in damp sand, it stood up——its black armour was the first thing you saw.
Hirietta held a knife in her hand, and warned them:
“……That one is Accelerator, he’s very dangerous.”
“Does it matter, all of them are dangerous!”
Majic yelled, he started running away.
(This is indeed the truth……)
Orphen agreed with him, but as soon as he turned around he saw the human form of Samii.
“I don’t know anything about any of these freaks, how am I meant to deal with these guys?”
“Kill him.”
Hirietta said.
“Don’t tell me you can’t do it. You are a student of the continents greatest sorcerer, Childman taught you all of his skills, you can do it Krylancelo!”
She said, Majic didn’t understand a word she was saying——he looked back and forth at Orphen and Hirietta, obviously confused. Orphen gritted his teeth. Hirietta pointed her knife at the man-made beats, waiting for Orphen’s orders. But——they never came.
Orphen didn’t know how to defeat these creatures, he could only think of one course of action——retreat.
(We’ve got to get out of here.)
Orphen said inside himself as he wiped his forehead.
“I’ve fought Azalie before, one monster was enough.”
Orphen’s eyes then became cold——and very calm, he then looked at Majic.
“……Hey. You said Cleo was dead, is it true?”
Majic put his hand over his mouth. He regretted telling him that.
Orphen then turned to Hirietta.
“We’ve got to get out of here. We’ll become cornered if we stay here any longer, everyone head towards the exit when I give the signal. Hirietta, you go first. Majic, you go second——”
“……Although I agree with your proposal.”
Hirietta interrupted him, then she bit her red lips and said:
“Aren’t you forgetting one important thing? There are four man-made beasts.”
Orphen was dumbfounded by her words, he then looked towards the door——
He saw the slender body of the half-man half-snake——Kikyuimu.
A high pitched moan extruded from the depths of his throat——Kozen had regained consciousness. His head was aching, it was very painful. When the pain finally subsided, he found out that it was more than just a head wound. Although his left shoulder had stopped bleeding, he could still feel a tingling sensation.
“That guy——what an asshole.”
Saliva was dropping from his mouth, he wiped it away and sat up. He pressed down on his head wound, and looked around the room. His vision was covered by a thick layer of fog, he could barely see. After a while, he found that his eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness. 
He was in a room. Now he noticed that the afternoon sky was pouring in from a hole in the ceiling, it seemed he fell through the ceiling at some point. In the middle of the room was a bed——or you could say it was a bed, but it looked more like a surgical table. Except there was no overhead lighting, except for a gas lamp that wasn’t working.
The room was big, he learned that he was currently on the second floor of a house. There was tattered wreckage in all corners of the room, he could see some surgical instruments among the wreckage.  
“An operating room……?”
Kozen thought. If this was true, then he could very well be in a hospital……
He checked his waist, his sword was still there, so he pulled it from its scabbard. Although his memory was kind of fuzzy, he knew that the “spectre” was the one who captured him. He summarized that he was blown here by a small tornado, and fell through the ceiling, thus he shouldn’t be too far from the village.
“Wait a minute.”
Kozen thought of something.
F-Fonogorosu, I’ve heard about that crazy guy, maybe this place is……”
He stepped forward, his foot stepped on something soft——he frowned and looked down, it was a huge pile of dust. There was all kinds of crushed stuff mixed in, he saw thin bones. It looked like a cat’s bone——however, it looked like the entire body of a cat.
“What the hell, what cat has five feet?”
Of course, Kozen wasn’t really interested in finding the answer. He lifted his face up, his gaze shifted to something lying on the table——
Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be someone he saw in the village——it was the girl that roundhouse kicked him. Her eyes were closed, her hands were clasped together, she was lying there motionless. She seemed to have stopped breathing.
(Is she injured……?)
Kozen was surprised, he put his hand on the girl’s neck. He kept them there for a moment, then sighed.
“She’s dead——no……strange.”
He was confused. There was no pulse, but her body temperature was warmer than the room. He wondered how she was put in this state, he thought of a couple scenarios but none of them were satisfactory.
Kozen put his sword back in his scabbard, he didn’t know if the girl was really dead or alive, but he couldn’t just leave her body here. Even though he was an assassin, he did have his morals.
He put his arms around the girl, she was lighter than he expected. He looked around, he didn’t know what else to do, he could only think of escaping. Then——
He noticed something strange. There was a black hole in the corner of the room, it looked like some kind of shaft, he observed it as he got closer.
An explosion came from the hole.
At the same time, he heard voices.
“Does it matter, all of them are dangerous!”
He vaguely heard, he could hear a woman’s and a man’s voice.
“Is there fighting……down that hole?”
Kozen said quickly.
“Down that hole……I think there’s a basement. And someone is using magic, could it be……”
Kozen suddenly felt something strike him from behind. It was——a black mist!
It started to swirl around him, he dropped the girl’s body in the confusion. Had the room been any darker, he would have surely been engulfed in no time.
His hands went for his scabbard, but he found no sword.
“How could——?”
He exclaimed, then the mist suddenly divided into two halves. He saw his sword shinning in the middle of the fog, then it came at him——
“……If your opponents strength is greater than yours——and you want to win, how would you go about doing this? Krylancelo.”
It was a voice from his distant memory, a calm voice——it was the voice of the greatest black sorcerer on the continent, Childman……
Orphen, Krylancelo didn’t know, his teacher shrugged. He easily replied:
“You bluff.”
Orphen thought about the four man-made beasts that surrounded them, especially the one which was blocking the exit.  
“I’ve thought of something.”
Majic sighed, he didn’t think they had a chance of winning. He grabbed Hirietta by the waist, she gave him a troubled look, but he didn’t notice.
Orphen started to smile, as he removed his headband.
“This plan of yours better now fail, Orphen.”
His student looked at him strangely, he didn’t saw a word, he just gave him his headband. Then Orphen took off his jacket and give Majic that too. Finally……he handed him his dragon pendant.
Majic looked at it for a moment. It was a dragon wrapped around a sword——proof that the wearer was from the Tower of Fang. He then looked at the back of it, the name of the owner was engraved——Krylancelo.
Majic was puzzled. Orphen shifted his gaze towards Samii.
“If I die, take the dragon pendant back to the Tower of Fang. Tell them it was a student of Childman’s, just quote my name, you won’t be ignored.”
Majic was surprised. His green eyes widened, he went on to say:
“Don’t say that. It’s bad luck.”
“When the snake moves away from the door, get out of here.”
“That’s great if we can get out, but what about you?”
A bead of sweat fell from Hirietta’s face. Orphen didn’t answer her.
“You can’t do this alone!”
(……I’m sure Cleo would say the same thing.)
Orphen smiled, and said:
“I know.”
Majic interrupted:
“Fighting against such an enemy, you know the odds!”
“I know.”
Orphen busted out laughing——
“Even if we all had knives, all we could do is stab them.”
Stab, a way an assassin kills, Majic didn’t understand the meaning behind his words.
“Why, you don’t have to fight these guys Master!”
“Why? These guys killed Cleo.”
Majic was shocked.
“Master, do you want revenge?”
“These guys killed Cleo. They’ll get what’s coming to them!”
Then, Orphen ran forward. His target was Samii. Seeing his movements, the suit of armour slowly began to move——
Ignoring their cries, Orphen shouted:
“I’m over here, Samii!”
The “armour” rushed to block his path, Orphen raised his right hand, the dark force stretched out towards him——
“I am Fonogorosu!”
With those words, their magic was stopped.
“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”
A wave of light and heat struck the “armour” in the face. It wasn’t particularly effective, but it was enough to send two hundred kilograms of armour flying a couple of meters. Sounds of heavy fighting erupted in the basement.
Orphen didn’t stop, he still ran.
In front of him was Samii, his face stiffened as he cried——
Fonogorosu——is here! Kill him!
Orphen heard a hissing sound coming from the exit, it was the snake.
(I knew it, all these man-made beasts follow Samii’s orders.)
“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”
A barrage of light and heat was sent at the ghostly image of Samii, his body dispersed from the resulting explosion.
Meanwhile, Orphen quickly turned around. He saw the “snake” rushing his position, it opened its mouth and bared its fangs.
A spray of yellow liquid shot from its mouth. Orphen rolled out of the way, the liquid landed on the ground and made a strange sound. A second later, part of the floor was dissolved.
It came at him again, but this time Orphen jumped behind it and shouted:
“I see thee, Lady of Chaos”
The snake man’s body was engulfed in a whirlpool of gravity, it’s elongated body was mercilessly beat to the ground. The snake staggered as it got up, Orphen was ready to carry out his next attack. Orphen jumped up——he looked down, and sure enough, Kenkurimu appeared on the floor. Sensing that its prey avoided it, it then sunk back into the floor.
Once Orphen landed, he once again faced the group of man-made beasts. He then heard footsteps echoing in the distance, Majic and Hirietta had succeed in escaping.
He carefully observed his enemies——all the man-made beasts had suffered an attack, but they all had recovered from any damage. They all took their former positions once again, except for the “hand” who could not be seen.
Samii stared straight into the eyes of Orphen, he glared back at him.
“Let’s get this started!”

End of Chapter 5

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