Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair Ep01-52 Complete

Done at last, I’ve really enjoyed this anime and I hope you have to. It’s a great coming of age story with lots of trails that shape you as you become an adult, it’s sad to see it end this way as I would have liked it to continue on for a while longer. As like most things they come to an end at one point. The links are below:

DDL Links:!fwdzmZzR!T9TtikVGeSlOVubq2jC1uA

OneDrive Download Folder:!108&authkey=!AHeY9qRAlmq0X1M&ithint=folder%2cmkv

Episodes are also available to watch on YouTube:

I highly recommend you get the ddl links as my seeding isn’t the best.


19 thoughts on “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair Ep01-52 Complete

  1. Thank you so much, man. I really like your work for Jeanie. I've been wanting to get a good fansub for this series but can't until I found your translation. Btw, why is your uploads on your MEGA Links are only up to episode 37? Is that intentional or just MEGA screwed up? Sure, I can download the rest of the episodes from Youtube but will the max-quality dl be as good as the episodes from the DDL links?

    I'd appreciate it if you can reply this message. Anyway, keep up your wonderful job of translating old titles. πŸ˜‰


    1. Those episodes were removed from the OneDrive folder without my knowledge, it was most likely DMCA. You’ll have to get them from the torrent for now until I get them re-uploaded again.


  2. Mirror of Memories
    01 Prologue ~ Jiyuu naru Daichi, America 1:09
    02 Omoide no Kagami 3:19
    03 Lawrenceville no Hitobito 4:10
    04 Jeanie -Kokoro Yasashiki, Kinpatsu no Shoujo- “Kinpatsu no Jeanie” ~ “Yumemiru Hito”
    05 Taiyou wo Oikakete (Instrumental)
    06 Kokyou e no Shoukei 1 – “Kokyou no Hitobito” ~ “Natsukashiki Kentucky no Wagaya”
    07 Sarishi Hibi, Tooiki Omoide
    08 Sougen no Tenshi
    09 Omoide no Kagami (Instrumental)
    10 Itsumo Issho ni ~ Stephen to Bill
    11 Kokyou e no Shoukei 2 – “Kusakeiba” ~ “Oh Suzanna”
    12 Amazing Grace
    13 Arashi no Yokan
    14 Saiai no Haha e…
    15 Ashita e Mukatte
    16 Taiyou wo Oikakete


  3. Hey thankyou for uploading these! But i just cant download the torrents since there is no seeder. Is there anyway to download the complete episodes? I really want to watch it because this anime had a special place in my heart 😦 thankyou so much!!!


  4. thank u so much I was searching for it ^^
    could u re-upload the rest from 38 to the end? mega link only has the first 37 eps


  5. Hi there,
    thanks a lot for the hard work you did.
    the torrent has no seed and i can’t access bakabt site 😦
    can anyone please upload the eps 38-52 ? i would be very grateful.


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