Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey Book 03 – Spectre, Sleeping on My Chest – Chapter 0 – Prologue

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey Book 03
Spectre, Sleeping on My Chest

Chapter 0 – Prologue

Under the light of the bar, two people talked about business.
“I have information about a man called Orphen——“
A thin piece of paper with exquisite handwriting was handed to a woman, upon seeing this, she laughed——her red lips turning into a crooked smile, a dangerous smile. Looking at her from the front, you couldn’t tell her exact age, though, it seemed she was in her early twenties. She had the emaciated face of a whore, her eyes looked as sharp as a knife, as they sparkled. Her long black went down to her waist, and her entire body was wrapped in leather, a leather body suit of sorts. 
There was no denying her beautiful face, nails, arms or legs. However, there was something that made men keep their distance——it was her eyes. Whenever she would speak, her voice would be hoarse.

“……Well, how do we deal with this man, Mr. Ostwald?”
The man called Ostwald was a gentleman of forty years old, he had white hair, and a thin body. He was surprised when she said his name, under his beautiful white suit, his body quivered. He looked to his side and saw his large bodyguards, he smiled, and this calmed him down a bit. 
“How do you know my name?”
The woman snorted.
“I also know the layout of your home, you go to the bathroom alone, your guards are always forgetting whose shift it is, and they aren’t that very smart.
“Is that so? You’re good……”
Ostwald giggled, he then waved his slender fingers.
The woman payed no attention to his words.
“What’s the plan?”
“Shouldn’t it be obvious, Hirietta?”
The woman called Hirietta put a finger on his lips, she couldn’t help but laugh.
“You’re right.”
She started reading the report.
“Black sorcerer Orphen. No last name. Probably under twenty years old. Unmarried. No relatives or known parents……Although the information we have specifies he originated from the Tower of Fang, the Alliance of Sorcerers denied this, before he came to the Tower he was known by a different name……”
Reading the rest of the report, her tone changed.
“He is in the business of illegal debt collection.”
“His practices are illegal, I won’t tolerate this.”
Ostwald said, while he rubbed the hem of his white suit.
Hirietta smiled and said: “He is like a fly flying around in your room, this bug is annoying you, whether he is causing actual harm or not, is that right?”
“Indeed. He will serve as a warning to others. We can’t let this fly attract anymore insects.”
“Do you have a plan for this insect?”
Ostwald paused for a moment, his bodyguard’s standing motionlessly behind him.
“In any case, it’s easier to get someone else to take care of him……someone like the highly trained assassin Foolish Dog, you weren’t easy to find, Hirietta.”
He elegantly looked towards the woman.
“Someone of your calibre is better suited to taking down a black sorcerer.”
A grin appeared on Hirietta’s face, Ostwald smiled back at her.
“Will you accept this mission? I’ve heard that the Foolish Dog never refuses a job……”
“Of course.”
The Foolish Dog——Hirietta answered immediately.
Ostwald laughed, he was very satisfied with her answer. He learned back in the creaky chair, and started talking:
“But let me remind you, this guy isn’t a pushover——several times I’ve send men to eliminate him, they all came back half dead.”
“He’s a rogue, he can beat many opponents with his magic.”
Hirietta then glanced at the bodyguards standing behind Ostwald, she could tell that they were angry, but there was no change in Ostwald’s expression.
She stood up from her chair.
“How much?”
She was wondering how much she was going to be payed, Ostwald deliberately avoided giving her a straight answer.
“That depends on if you can complete the task.”
Though——Hirietta was not one to complete a job based purely on how much she was going to be payed.
Why is this? Ostwald didn’t want to ask this question, nor did he care about the answer.

End of Chapter 0

Translated by Ciaran Hillock


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