[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 2

Now this has been something that I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while, a chinese (or rather Taiwanese) comic that has the potential to be something great. Until recently, no one was able to find scans for more than the first chapter. That was until someone glady posted them on 4chan, where it was met to much applause. Finally after waiting ages everyone could now see what happens next in the story, but enough of my rambling, the links are below:

Now I know someone else has already done a speed scan of this but I was going to do it anyway, that and their translation leaves something to be desired. I mean they didn’t even proof read the thing, it was obviously done by a native chinese speaker or google translate. I’ll also be doing the other chapters but they’ll probably out in 2 week intervals, so expect the next one two weeks from now or before.


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