Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey – Doll, comply with my commands – Chapter 6 – Epilogue

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
Doll, Comply With My Command
Chapter 6 – Epilogue
“……I knew the reunion was a mess from the very beginning——I thought about it, I thought we would have a calm conversion just like all those years ago.”
Orphen said as he put his elbows on the table. Stephanie was sitting opposite of him, with half a smile, she then picked up a small cup and took a sip.
“Three years ago I was lying on that bed.”
She said as she smiled, Orphen smiled somewhat unnaturally——he thought about some bad memories.
They were in Alenhatan City’s central street, there were lots of students walking the street——students from all over the continent come here just for this café. Both of them came for the same reason, Orphen sat idly sipping something.
Orphen coughed——or rather pretended to cough. Looking back on his attitude, he began to talk.
“You know, when I first arrived here……I thought about you.”
“Really? That pleases me.”
“Well……I don’t deserve such pleasure. For a while, my current business venture hasn’t been doing too well……”
“I see.”
“But now, I feel like I’m better than what I once was——”
Orphen really didn’t know how to express himself, Stephanie put her cup on the table.
“If I run into any trouble, can I find you again?”
Orphen answered in a very vague manner. He saw Stephanie’s eyes flicker for a moment, then she said:
“That young girl……Cleo, what did you say to her?”
Orphen didn’t know how to answer. A sinister smile appeared on Stephanie’s face.
“She asked could she cry on my shoulder, what did you say to her? ——Are you, in love with her?”
Orphen panicked.
 “Cat got your tongue?”
Stephanie giggled for a while.
“Anyway, Cleo said you seemed sick. I could take you to a doctor, just like old times……”
“I’m alright, it’s not that painful.”
Stephanie said, showing her chest as proof.
“Since then, I’ve been reborn……I am enjoying my new life”
“A new beginning.”
Orphen said with a satirical voice——he then lowered his voice as he spoke.
“I always thought it was funny that when the doctor was fixing you’re face, he gave you the face of a woman instead of a man.”
“Excuse me!”
Stephanie’s face became contorted as she flipped the table
“It wasn’t an accident, I wanted this! And he didn’t just fix my face, he also helped me get a pair of rubber breasts, some cream to make my skin more ladylike, remove my facial hair, and so on. That way I became more like a real woman——”
“Calm down! I know you’ve changed a lot in three years, Stephen.”
“And don’t you forget it!”
“Cleo also said that after you’re transformation you’re magical powers significantly weakened, is that true?”
“What transformation? I was reborn!”
Both of them stared at each other for a while, then Orphen fixed the table and sat back down on his chair. He picked up the empty cup with trembling hands, and held it until he calmed down.
“Anyway……it’s a thing of the past.”
Stephanie also calmed down, fixed her hair and then sat down. Orphen stared at his cup, watching her in the cups reflection.
“So, what are you going to do next?”
“Is that a joke? The Alliance of Sorcerers in Alenhatan City is no more, I’m obviously going home.”
“To the south——to my apartment.”
“……What about your parents, have you been in contact?”
“I don’t want to talk about that. Anyway, what are your plans?”
“Tomorrow, we head north.”
“Yeah. Those two damn trolls didn’t pay me back the money they owed me, they fled north.”
Then he got up from his chair.
“By the way, Cleo should be feeling better now. She spent some time in the Inn’s café cooking supper, she also did some babysitting if you don’t believe it. Anyway, I hope we meet again……farewell, Steph.”
Both of them exchanged their goodbyes and waved at each other.
Stephanie didn’t say anything, she just stared at her empty cup.
“Hey, the food is ready.”
Cleo looked very happy as she brought a tray over to Orphen, some type of cheesecake seemed to be on the plate.
“I originally wanted to make something better for you to eat, but the old man downstairs was reluctant to let me cook. So, this will have to do.”
“Oh, I’m sorry——for arriving late.”
Orphen said to her in an apologetic tone.
“And I’m sorry for last night, I wasn’t thinking straight and I let you get captured.”
“Don’t worry, it’s all over now.”
Cleo said dismissively.
Orphen felt like he was doing something wrong, something very wrong. He took a fork and the cheesecake.
“You know, next time let’s do something safer. Starting tomorrow we’ll do some sightseeing, I know a couple of places which are worth seeing, you interested?”
Orphen tried to talk about other things while he cut a slice of the cheesecake and put it into his mouth. He bit down, his eyes widened. But it wasn’t the food that made him do so, it was Cleo’s reaction.
Orphen watched her uncomfortably as her hands started to shake.
“I’m going to savour this, you’re punishment that is……you’re sweet punishment.”
A devilish grin appeared on Cleo’s face.
“Soap, don’t waste it now.”
He then looked towards Majic, his apprentice was sticking his tongue of his mouth at him. It seems he wasn’t the only guinea pig in this experiment.
“Cleo……what have you done?”
Orphen’s voice trembled, but the girl was even happier now.
“You can wash your underwear and socks in the bathtub. I’ve already picked out an outfit for you, so you better wear it. And don’t forget to pay back the money for the clothes……here is the receipt.”
“Is that why you are so happy? Did you……”
Orphen said in a miserable tone. The soap in his mouth was giving him a headache, his hands began to shake.

Cleo still looked at him, with that same happy smile. Orphen tried to wonder the motivation behind her smile, but he thought nothing of it. He then ate the rest of the soap filled cheesecake, knowing nothing of what Cleo had in store for him.

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