Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey – Doll, comply with my commands – Chapter 3 – A Challenge from Vulcan

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
Doll, comply with my commands

Chapter 3 – A Challenge from Vulcan
“Over there! Stop them!”
A shout came from behind her……but she couldn’t escape it.
She had lost control of her entire body as the pain as too much for to handle.
Her entire body ached with pain, and another wave of nausea came upon her.
“The damn sorcerer is getting away!”
She could hear someone approaching. Her vision was blurry, so she could barely see anything. The only thing she could see was some wall——which she quickly passed. She wondered if her legs were even moving, then she remembered that her legs were hit with an iron bar, it should be broken. So that means, she was being dragged……
“Grab her! We can’t let them get away——”
She held a purse in her hands, she thought about throwing it away but she couldn’t’ do that. In the purse was a few coins, tomorrow they would guarantee that her stomach would be filled.
She couldn’t afford to throw away the purse, she needed it and it belonged to her. She also wanted to stop moving, but she could do nothing but be carried away.
(This must be a dream, right?)
I must be. Because she wouldn’t be able to move this fast in real life, then it must be a dream.
(If that’s the case, then shouldn’t I wake up soon?)
Her heart was beating intensely.
Gradually her vision was getting darker, something was blocking his view——it could be the people who were taking her away.
(Who are these people? Do they intend to harm me?)
A black silhouette stretched its skeletal hand out to her.

With this in mind, she threw himself into the hand. The silhouette braced itself for the oncoming attack, and then it spoke.
“What happened? Someone is chasing you? Oh right, it’s me……”
The voice came from behind her. It was very close, so close that he was within reach. His rough hands were already on her——
“Hey, get off me! Let me go!”
She then heard what sounded like swear words, and then she was hit.  
“You idiot! You play too rough!”
Another arm was raised——
“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”
A flash——an explosion——moaning. Then she was unable to get up……
……Now, she couldn’t even turn over. It was like she was paralyzed——or maybe she became a corpse?
Her breathing was shallow, and air still flowed into his lungs, but she was still confused.
(It’s said that you will remember your past at the moment of death……)
In her mind emerged the face of a man——a man she remembers.
(It can’t be an illusion——for he shouted my name.)
She felt severe pain as she tried to move. The more her consciousness was restored, the more pain he felt. She knew, that this pain came from her bruises. Though she didn’t know if any of his injuries were serious, she just tried not to think about it. For if she did, she was afraid that she would faint.
She then heard another voice. It was male, but she doesn’t know this voice. It was very young——or childish voice. He seemed to be talking to someone in another room.
“I think she’s waking up——”
She could hear the guy talking through the wall, though not clearly.
“Alright, so this needle will do the trick?”
(A needle?)
She had a bad feeling about this. With what little strength she had left she tried to speak.
She then heard them scuttling about in the next room, they were getting ready.
Then the door suddenly busted open.
“Majic. You remember the location of the veins, right?”
It was a very familiar voice. She wanted to get up and greet him——but she couldn’t move her body, then her widened as he drew near with the needle in hand.
She screamed his name. The others were shocked, she blinked——and the first thing she saw was a gas lamp on the ceiling. Then, she saw a small room covered in a simple wallpaper. There was a steel bed, some furniture and a wardrobe that has seen better days. She then started outside one of the rooms windows, the stars in the night sky were shining ever so brightly——then she finally realized it, she was in her own apartment.
Now, she looked at the young boy and man.
She whispered, and she touched her bandaged right arm with her bandaged left hand.
“Hey, Stephanie.”
He said in a very casual tone.
She wanted to stand up, but she could move her muscles very little. She then wondered how badly her nerves were damaged, though she wasn’t worried because they could always be repaired with magic.
“Call me Steph, just like before.”
She said, Orphen shrugged.
“Okay, Steph.”
“Do you know her, Master?”
The young blond boy asked, as he sat on the bed holding her hand.
“When I lived in this city for one year, I worked in a small clinic for a while.”
“I was a patient at the time.”
She——Stephanie said, then Majic with his slightly flustered face bowed his head to her.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were that close…”
“Does it really matter?”
Majic realized that he shouldn’t interrupt them, but he was curious so.
“I didn’t think master would ever work in a clinic, I thought he lingers in dark, illegal and weird places.”
“You seem like a good kid……”
Orphen gave Majic a sinister look for his previous comment——Stephanie just laughed.
“Well, I you must know. Orphen rescued me when I was injured and brought me to the clinic.”
“That’s not how I remember it——”
Orphen spoke, but he was interrupted by someone coughing.
There was a petite blond girl also standing in the room, they didn’t know how long she had been there. She was wearing jeans, and looked rather healthy.
However, from Stephanie’s perspective——she didn’t seem very friendly.
The girl pretended that the previous conversation never happened.
“How come you’ve never told me about her?”
“…..I see that you need to go back to school learn etiquette all over again.”
Orphen said in a condescending tone, the girl angrily stared back.
“Her name is Stephanie. We……are friends.”
He then spun around and pointed at the blonde girl, then the young boy.
“This is Cleo. And this guy right here is Majic——my apprentice. We’re all on some happy-go-lucky journey…”
“Is that so?”
Majic then butted into their conversation.
“A happy-go-lucky journey!”

“Well, we ran into some trouble with a monster but that’s a story from another time.”
Cleo refused to accept Orphen’s version of events.
“You’re forgetting the part where you tried to commit marriage fraud with my sister and then destroyed part of my house.”
Orphen smiled.
“Looks like the cat is out of the bag.”
Orphen was now in an uppity mood.
“I knew you two would be just baggage, I don’t know why I took you with me.”
“What was that?!”
Majic and Cleo were now in an aggravated mood, they turned to leave the room.
Stephanie didn’t say it, but she didn’t think they were very friendly with each other.
“It’s good that you’ve made some new friends.”
Orphen sighed, and started to think about something.
“I bought you a bouquet of flower, but they got lost in all the trouble. Anyways, I really didn’t expect to see you again.”
“But master——I put those flowers into one of those flower pots we found.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that idiot we found yelling in the middle of the road at night.”
Then Stephanie tried to lift her arm, noticing that the pain was subsiding.
She groaned a little as she moved, and Majic started to speak proudly.
“Master treated you, he himself was injured but we wanted to take care of you first.”
She then looked at him with a look of gratitude, Orphen was uneasily staring at the ceiling.
“I guess this is my atonement.”
But in the end, she still wasn’t able to get out of bed, so she went to sleep——the aesthetic also helped to put her to sleep.  
The next morning she endured the physical pain and stood up, Orphen was impressed. It was noon, and the city bathed in the sun for a while. Meanwhile, Stephanie tried stretching as to see if her body had healed. She was still a little fatigued, but it was nothing serious. She then moved over to the bedside table, her broken glasses were there, and they were fixed.
(My broken glasses have been fixed, I guess this is Orphen’s doing.)
Putting her hands through her hair, she stared into a mirror on the wall.
“I look miserable.”
She then checked all over her body, so she could see the extent of her injuries.
“Hopefully I’ll heal soon and be rid of these bruises……”
Before eating breakfast, she left her room and entered the next.
Her kitchen and living room were one and the same. She saw Cleo sitting cross-legged on the sofa, wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Probably because yesterday she lost all her clothes and luggage.
The atmosphere was tense as she walked across the room.
“Good morning.”
Cleo ignored her at first, but then she spoke.
“I’m sorry……for yesterday.”
The girl was a little shaken, but she continued.
“I shouldn’t have acted that way yesterday. You must think that I don’t understand etiquette.”
“Forget about it, it’s alright.”
She tried to reassure her, but she had something else on her mind. Orphen and that other boy were nowhere to be found.
“Orphen, and that——Majic was his name? Where did they go?”
“Work. They said they needed to find some way to make money.”
Cleo looked depressed as she sat there alone.
Stephanie smiled and then giggled.
“Orphen’s angry with you, right?”
Cleo shook her head. She lifted her face, there were tears coming from her eyes. She then stood up from the couch.
“No——he didn’t get angry. He just……said something about you.”
Cleo was clearly upset, so Stephanie opened up her arms and the girl rushed in. As she impacted her, Stephanie groaned a little as her abdomen started to ache. She felt faint again, but she just endured the pain and patted Cleo on the back.
It was easy for them to sympathize with each other. After all, it’s not the first time that Orphen has made both of them cry. Though, this meant that he still had a heart.
The canal was quiet, and a boat drifted down the canal until it arrived at a small port to unload.
“You damn newcomers! Get it right this time!”
A kettle was sent flying towards a young man’s head, it hit him and he crumpled to the ground.
“The unloading must be done in one hour! If it’s not done by then I’ll tie rocks to your feet and throw you in the river!”
Orphen recovered from the attack and stood back up, a medium sized cargo ship arrived at the port and began unloading right away. He eyed the goods on board, it was all stone from a quarry that was going to be used for constructing buildings.
“I’m coming!”
Many of the more muscular men were watching his every move, cursing at him because he was moving too slow. But when some of them turned their backs, Orphen knelt down and sighed. Looking down the canal he wondered if life was better somewhere else, then a breathless Majic came up to him and spoke.
Orphen was sweaty, and angrily replied.
“Handle your own work, I’m not here to take your load.”
Orphen then sighed deeply.
“Sorry, it’s just——you know.”
“……No, I don’t.”
Orphen ignored him, he put down his stone and wiped his hands. He then stretched a little, then asked a bizarre question.
“Do you believe in love?”
Silence filled the air for a moment. Majic then staggered backwards with a confused look, and began shouting.
“Love! You? You’re insane!”
Orphen got up and kicked Majic in the chin, sending him back a couple of paces.
“……What the hell is wrong with you?!”
Majic said as he began stroking his chin, Orphen was breathing heavily
“Some friend you are……”
But then, their awkward moment was interrupted by an intense rumbling. The waters of the canal began to shake, and the deckhands were rushing to stop the cargo from sliding about the ship. Then Orphen began to speak.
“What’s going on?”
Then suddenly——the waters of the canal were sent ten metres into the air, then it came back down like rain. The port workers to rushing about the place and screaming, trying to find out what happened. The waters were beginning to become more turbulent, making all the boats rock left and right.
“Ha ha ha ha!”
Orphen just stood there, stunned. He was starting to feel a little seasick due to the rocking of the boat, but he tried not to let that bother him.
The laughter continued.
But it wasn’t the laugher that disturbed Orphen, it was something more incredible.
In the canal there stood a ten meter statue——the lower parts of its body were covered in water, leaving its massive upper body exposed. It looked like a giant muscular stone man, it had four hands and two pairs of arms. Compared to the rest of the body, its head was rather small, you couldn’t even make out its eyes or nose.  
Then he noticed it, there was a piece cloth on top of its head. Written on it was a symbol, or a word.
(A magical word?)
Orphen whispered to himself. He then pondered, wondering if those words gave the statue life.
“W-What is that?”
Majic cried. Orphen knew what it was.
“It think it’s a megalithic infantryman, in other words, a golem.”
“Mu ha ha ha ha ha!”
“It’s an ancient weapon——manufactured by the celestial beings.”
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”
“Wait a second, I know that laugh.”
Orphen stared at the megalithic infantryman, there was something else that appeared on its head. It was shaking and dripping like a wet dog——there was no mistaking it, it was Vulcan. His fur cloak was wrapped around his body, and it was covered in seaweed. Vulcan laughed maniacally like someone from a mental ward, then he suddenly stopped and started shouting.
“Well, aren’t I noisy? Sorry but I just couldn’t help laughing out loud!”
He cackled again, as he started at Orphen he could see large veins pumping on his forehead.
“Who cares if you popped out of the canal, you should have just stayed in there!”
“How dare you! You——you, scruffy sorcerer!”
“Oh! What have you done with your brain, have you replaced it with the egg of a praying mantis? Also, have you forget about all that money you owe me!?”
“Shut up! I’ll knock you senseless with this rusty sword of mine!”
“Bring it on! Besides, you shouldn’t use it to clean out your earwax!”
Majic said waveringly.
Orphen said as he turned around. Majic helplessly sighed and spoke.
“People are watching……can’t you up the ante?”
“Oh, I understand.”
After Orphen spoke, he prepared to do more shouting.
“Hey asshole! Are we just going to talk all day!?”
“Oh, boy.”
Majic moaned.
Then both of them started chucking insults at each other for a while, until both of them were out of breath.
Lying on top of the golem’s head, Vulcan spoke.
“Well, well, well……no matter how much a dog barks. It’s no match for the first megalithic infantryman——hereby dubbed, Polk-Han”
“……Where did you get that thing?”
Orphen stepped back and asked, Vulcan was proud to reply.
“Oh, ho ho ho ho! Wouldn’t you like to know. Anyway, it’s time to crush some bugs with an oversized frying pan! ”
Orphen sneered, he then took a battle stance.
“This is it Majic……we’re done for.”
“Ah ha ha ha ha ah! It’s about time you gave up! Now don’t move, it’s time to die!”
Majic grabbed Orphen by the arm.
“Who said I was giving up?”
Orphen clenched his fist, Majic watched him closely.
“Then why don’t you do something, who else is supposed to protect me?!”

“……Boy, do you really want those to be your last words?”
Vulcan said, as he rode atop the stone giant.
“……Hey asshole!”
Orphen stretch forth his hands and began chanting.
“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”
A wave of concentrated light flew from Orphen’s hand and hit the megalithic infantryman, shattering its upper body. Pieces of its body rained down into the canal, creating small tsunamis that hit the port.
Vulcan too was sent flying through the air into the canal, his scream reached all over the area. And like the rest of the stones, he sunk into the water and disappeared.  
Orphen stood up straight, he started at what was left of the megalithic infantryman. Its entire upper body was gone.
“Uhm……master. Won’t that guy drown?”
Majic said, as he felt sorry for Vulcan as he disappeared under the water.
“He can drown for all I care……”
A wry smile appeared on his face.
“Though don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be back.”
Orphen said as he turned and walked towards one of the port workers. The man had one-eye, and was intensely staring at Orphen.
“I’m sorry. We can’t employ a sorcerer.”
“Oh, I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”
Orphen was very tired, and he didn’t want to argue with the man. He then pointed to the cargo ship he was on when the golem attacked.
“By the way, that explosion there now created a huge hole in bottom of that boat.”
“Wait, what!”
Tears appeared in the man’s eyes. He watched the ship that was loaded with stone sink rapidly, within the blink of an eye he couldn’t even see the mast anymore.
“You bastard!”
But before he knew it, Orphen was already gone. He just sat there grinding his teeth until the enamel started to rub off.
Orphen was heading to Stephanie’s apartment, it was ten minutes away.
Majic hurriedly rushed after him, obviously flustered that Orphen left him.
“Master, you left me back there.”
“Oh Majic, good to see you made it.”
“Master, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting very strange today.”
“Shit, shit, shit!”
Orphen shouted as he stomped his feet on the ground. Majic then remembered some of the stuff Vulcan shouted at Orphen.
“If you are so much about me then why don’t you go to some far off place and start mining gold! That way I won’t be looking over my shoulder for loan sharks!”
“What’s wrong with you, men can be friends without being in love!”
Majic looked up and down at Orphen, wondering what has come over him.
Orphen started to squat on the ground and sigh deeply.
“Ah——just my luck.”
“Master, you’re freaking me out. It’s like you’re personality has changed.”
Upon hearing Majic’s words, he immediately stood up.
“Why have you become like this?”
“Majic, how do you feel about Stephanie?”
“The first time you met her, what did you feel?”
Majic’s eyes blinked as he was lost in thought.
“She was covered in wounds——and she seems like a very nice person. Her rooms are all nicely furnished. The cake that was in the cupboard was handmade, but she used too much flour——or was she even trying to make a cake? My mother always told me that you’ve got to put cream on top of a cake, that way it’s more appetizing. Though that cake she made had been sitting there for a while and was stale, what a pity. Her bathroom was just like any other girls, though her closet was falling apart. There was quite a lot of books lying about the place and she had a lot of money. Upon closing inspection, you’d easily know that she was a sorcerer.”
Orphen just slumped his shoulders.
“You were so confident when you spoke, but do you think your assumptions were right?”
“Remember this Majic, you can never judge a person from a first meeting.”
Orphen said, as a cold sweat went down his back.
Then a sharp sound ripped through the air, a black object grazed Orphen’s left ear——fortunately he avoided it. If he didn’t, he would have probably lost his entire left ear.
“You people!”
In the empty road in front of them, a gust of wind quietly blew through.
Within the blink of an eye his entire vision was obscured with a white flash. Instinctively, Orphen covered his face. At the same time he tried his best to curb the screaming coming from his throat.
The suddenly, he heard someone talk.
“So, you won’t scream——is it because you want to save your breath, so you can chant a mantra?”
His vision started to return to him, and through the cracks in his fingers he could make out a figure.
“How can you remain so silent?”
Suddenly Orphen could feel himself being pulled in multiple directions like a pinball in a pachinko machine. He couldn’t even tell what direction he was heading, he was in a confused state. He could see the ground——the roof of the apartment building——and finally the sky——he couldn’t take it anymore and was knocked unconscious.
When he finally awoke, it took him a while to realize it, he had been thrown into the ground. His breath wasn’t smooth, in fact he was coughing a lot as he struggled to get up. He found himself unable to think, and he found it more difficult to breath.
“Today, I’ll blow your head clean off.”
Orphen could hear someone speaking, he then looked for him.  
(A sorcerer——obviously not human.)
He didn’t hear another incantation.
Majic shouted. Orphen’s breathing was now become more ragged, and he stuck out his hand to Majic. He helped him stand up.
“……What happened?”
Orphen asked.
“You were sent ten metres into the air, then a black object was sent flying at you. It hit you in the head and then you whacked the ground.”
“……I fell?”
Orphen looked in the direction that Majic pointed at, that’s when he saw him——his hand was clenched. Orphen could see bluish skin in the parts of its body that wasn’t covered by its garments, it clearly wasn’t human. Then Orphen watched as a metal wire was pulled from its wrist, it was like the whole process was automated.
Orphen shouted, he then pointed his hand in the direction of the bluish figure.
“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”
A bright white flash of light shot towards the figure, the wave of intense heat swallowed the figure whole. Then a resounding explosion could be heard, but——
Then the flame suddenly disappeared——the figure was still standing.
The heat burned off its clothes, it was now in full view. There were mysterious runes all over its body, it looked artificial——as if someone created it. Its skin looked very smooth as it shone in the sunlight. It was totally naked, Orphen wondered if it even needed to wear clothes.
“Is that a man?”
Majic asked, Orphen whispered “no” to himself. Then it spoke through an opening in its face.
“I was once a guardian of hidden treasure”
“……Guardian of hidden treasure?”
“Hundreds of years ago, you humans called us……killing dolls.”
Orphen wondered for a moment, as he listened to its shrill voice.
(How did……)
Orphen wanted to talk to it, but——
(That buzzing?)
He and looked at Majic, who also looked like he wanted to say something. During this moment, the noise emanating from the guardian only got louder.
(Just what is it planning?)
Orphen wore a panicked look, while the killing doll had a murderous grin.
“Playtimes over!”
Orphen and Majic started to step backwards, then a bright flash light shone from the killing dolls abdomen. Something was written there, it was like a tattoo, or maybe a magic seal.
(A magical word!)
Orphen couldn’t’ read the word, but he concluded that the noise was coming from there.
“As you can imagine, it’s magic.”
(……Can he read my mind?)
“It’s the obvious assumption.”
Orphen retorted.  
“The text on my body could easily kill one hundred sorcerers.”
The killing doll said, then it brought its hand to eye level——its middle finger made a loud clicking sound as a ten centimetre needle popped out. Seeing their shock, the killing doll began to laugh.
“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you……for now.”
Orphen said inside himself, then the doll spoke again.
“I will exterminate you and your kind, not one of you will survive.”
(Why does he need to exterminate us? Did he destroy the Alliance of Sorcerer’s building?)
“I’m only following the mission.”
The doll continued.
“Not everyone in that building was killed, right?”
“I saw a woman come out of the rubble, I’ll be coming after the both of you.”
(Did he follow me to Steph’s house?)
“You’re strength is very strong……wherever you go in this city, I’ll be able to sense you with this symbol on my abdomen.”
Orphen didn’t know if the doll followed him back to Stephanie’s apartment——for if he did, the others would be in danger.
“By your silence I can tell you have very strong self-control, but how long can you keep it up?”
The doll looked him straight in the eye, Orphen was starting to sweat.
A devilish smile appeared on the doll’s face, the text on its body started to disappear. Then the doll let out a loud laugh.
“I’ll see you soon.”

“You bastard!”
Orphen cursed at the doll, but he didn’t seem to care.
“I’ve got something for you.”
The doll threw a piece of paper at Orphen’s feet, Orphen didn’t know where he pulled the piece of paper from.

Majic and Orphen stared at the piece of paper, meanwhile the doll laughed.
“It’s a challenge, for you……and your friends.”
Orphen said softly, as he picked up the piece of paper. Orphen then angrily repeated the message.
“The day after tomorrow in the Bajirikokku ruins, let us battle it out——Volcano Vulcan.”
Orphen then torn up the piece of paper and throw it on the ground.
“Ha! That damn asshole thinks he can take me on, I’ll show him whose boss!”
“Vulcan is my master.”
The Killing Doll said in a very serious tone.
Orphen said, obviously puzzled.
“I understand——but what about that golem he had?”
“There’s more where they came from. There were placed there to guard the ruins——he’s got all of them under his control.”
“You’ve got to be kidding! Why does a killing doll like you listen to the words of a fool!?”
Orphen was about to continue talking but the killing doll’s laughter interrupted him.
“I see nothing wrong with them——those two brothers are quite a pair. I can read their hearts, unlike you——black sorcerer Orphen.
“They’ve also had a lot to say about you——they said you’re a very powerful sorcerer and they were right. Unfortunately, I can’t let you live.”
“So that’s why you’re after me!”
Orphen shouted.
“You humans are like cockroaches, you kill one and more appear.”
Now a wry smile appeared on the doll’s face.
“And if you try to run, I’ll kill all the sorcerers left in this city.”
Orphen gritted his teeth.
“Why would you go after them?”
“Because I was made by the Heavenly Beings——and the wanted me to kill human sorcerers.”
And with that, the killing doll disappeared without a trace.
“Is it gone for good this time?”
Majic said suspiciously.
Then the doll’s voice echoed.
“I expect you to arrive——the day after tomorrow, at the Bajirikokku ruins.”
“Whatever asshole! I’ll come and kick that damn raccoon dog’s ass!”
Orphen roared, as he waved his fists. He wondered whether he will survive his next confrontation with the killing doll——but one thing was for certain, he must win.


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