Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey – Doll, comply with my commands – Chapter 2 – The beautiful Alenhatan

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey
Doll, comply with my commands

Chapter 2 – The beautiful Alenhatan

“The city of canals!”

“A city full of history!”

“The beautiful Alenhatan!

Majic and Cleo held their hands together as they stared at an ugly shaped arch. Orphen with his eyes half open, began to speak.

“Can we go yet?”


Cleo proudly put up a defense.

“Anyway, it’s not like you’ve got anything else to do.”

Majic also had the same expression on his face. Orphen sighed, and pointed to a long line in front of them.

“Can’t you see their busy? Thanks to all the tourists entering the city, we’ll have to wait in line to gain entry.”

“Haha. Master, you look like a child who’s been forcibly taken out on a sunday by his father.”

“Say that again, and you’re dead.”

Orphen said in a nasty tone to Majic, as he threw his hand luggage at him. Orphen stumbled to the ground, Orphen turned a blind eye.

Their carriage didn’t enter the city, it was parked outside the cities horse barn. Therefore, it was necessary for them to carry their luggage. It was particularly hard on Majic, since he had to carry Cleo’s luggage. He wasn’t having a good time, not to mention that he had to listen to Orphen’s sarcasm. Every now and again, he mumbled to himself.

“Anyway, look who’s here ——”

Cleo suddenly ran up to them. She recently changed her favourite dress, in favour for a plain t-shirt and denim jeans. This suited her better, as a dress isn’t great for doing menial tasks. These clothes were actually borrowed from Majic, and apparently they fit her just right. Majic thought that he was really clever, as he knew in advance that she would need a change of clothes.   

“Don’t you know that I enjoy travelling? I didn’t tag along to just watch the scenery in the carriage.”

“I don’t consider this travelling.”

Orphen sounded ungrateful.

“What was that?”

“Do you remember? I was in the money lending business.”

It’s illegal to do so without a license.

“I didn’t gain government permission to earn interest on loans. Mainly because the tax rate on money lenders is ridiculously high, those who operate without a license face government prosecution.”

“Well the government deserve what they’re due, it’s simply tax evasion.”

Cleo proudly stated.

Orphen snorted, and continued to talk.

“It’s not like I’m the bad guy here. I’m simply broke, I can’t pay their fees.”

Orphen had actually taken out a loan recently, to pay off another loan. If this continues, he’ll become just like those who he takes money from. Or fall prey to another loan shark.

“It seems you’ve been squandering Majic’s tuition fee.”

Cleo said, as if it was her money he was spending.

Orphen ran his fingers through his hair.

“Oh, would you rather take control of our finances? I’d like to see you try and feed our three mouths!”

Cleo secretly spat towards him, however Orphen didn’t notice.

“Well, maybe we should try and find some work.”

Holding Cleo’s largest bag, Majic stood up and said.

Orphen didn’t even bother holding back his sigh.

“I’ll think about it.”

In the end, they could only rely on one person.


It took a while for them to wait in line, but when they got into the city their moods picked up. They were deliberately walking back and forth, just to admire the scenery. Being a major tourist city, the plaza in front of the entrance has been described as charming and diverse —— the pavement is a tile-paved mosaic pattern. Though it’s kinda hard to determine what it’s modeled after, but there is a distinctive geometric pattern. Beside the fountain there was a heart-like pattern, it was obviously carved out of rock. The fountain itself was a roaring lion about three metres tall, it was truly majestic. Looking at the water shooting out of the lion’s mouth, one wonders where the water comes from.

Gathered in the central square was a wide variety of people —— residents walking, tourists, merchants, students and flower girls.

Cleo spun around, and exclaimed.

“Hey Orphen! Look!”

“What is it?”

Orphen turned around and gazed at the young girl beside the fountain. She was pointing at a bunch of meter tall pillars beside an Inn, where there was a statue of a man. He had one hand above his eyes as if he was surveying his surroundings.

“That one really is a fan favourite.”

Orphen was getting impatient at her looking at everything.

Cleo began to ask about other things.

“Well, what about the canal?”
“Ah, yes. The city was formed along the canal, which runs right through the city.”

Orphen then began to talk as if he was some kind of tourist guide.

“Alenhatan, the city of canals. It’s one of the largest cities on the Kielsalhima continent, and half of the area is deserted ruins of the heavenly beings……”

“Is the city’s population greater than Totokanta?”

“Yes it is, but one third of the population are tourists.”

“I want to see the canal.”

Cleo asked. But Orphen shook his head.

“We can’t, we’ve got to find some accommodation first.”

“But ──”

“Listen, you don’t know this city. I do, so I’ll be leading us about……”

“But still ──”

Cleo looked at him with a frustrated look.

“How come you’re familiar with this city?”

“After I left the Tower of Fang, I ended up here.”

Behind Orphen, came a shout.


It was Majic. He is a skinny teenager who is carrying Orphen’s luggage, wobbling as he walked.

“What’s the matter?”

Orphen said, as Majic was struggling to get past the crowds with their luggage. When he did, he collapsed with the bags at Orphen and Cleo’s feet.

“It’s too much!”

“You gave all the bags to me! And it took me three times as long to get here!”

Majic was exhausted.

“Master, don’t you intend to take care of your student?”


Orphen calmly answered.

“Master, you can’t do this to me! At least take one bag with you!”

Majic picked up the luggage and went after them. Orphen was buying flowers from a ten year old flower girl, the flowers were purple butterfly-shaped flowers. After paying the girl, Orphen then noticed that Majic had caught up to them.

“Oh, you came just in time.”

He placed the bouquet on top of the luggage Majic was holding.


Ignoring Majic’s objection, they moved onward. Cleo on the other hand was watching Orphen. She looked surprised, she never expected Orphen to buy flowers.

“……What is it?”

Orphen asked. Cleo reached up and grabbed the bouquet off the luggage.

“……Oh, I just didn’t expect you to buy flowers.”

“So, I can’t buy flowers every once in a while?”

“Every once in a while?”

“Yeah, for a certain someone.”

Listening to his words, Cleo was stunned for a moment.

“What, so these aren’t for me?!”

Orphen sighed.

“Why would you think they are for you?”

He said, as he snatched the bouquet from Cleo’s hands. She tried to get them back, but Orphen evaded her. She went straight into Majic, who was holding the luggage. He couldn’t see in front of himself to avoid her, so she collided into him and the bags went everywhere. A cackle of laughter could he heard in the air afterwards.


“My bags, they’re everywhere! My clothes and my personal belongings are everywhere!”

“It’s not my fault……”

Majic tried to defend himself, but Cleo just ignored him. She picked up her bags and placed them all back in his arms, before Majic could even open his mouth again.

Cleo turned around to Orphen and gave him a dirty look, then she asked him a question.

“Orphen, who are these flowers for?!”


Orphen looked embarrassed as he tried to find an answer.

“You know, I did live here for three years……”

“What are you trying to saying?”

Orphen was getting sick of her questions, so he threw the flowers up into the air. They landed back into her Cleo’s arms.

“Here you go.”

Orphen didn’t even bother looking at her, but he could tell that she was angry.


Cleo walked back to Majic and put the bouquet on top of the luggage. Not noticing, he tumbled backwards as he tried to balance the weight.

Alenhatan. The City of Water.

It’s one of the four major cities on the Kiesaruhima continent. Hundreds of years before there was a king, this city was the capital of the ancients. A canal flows through the center of the city, and numerous merchant ships traverse the city. The city is famous across the continent for it’s beautiful landscape. In the heart of the city there is a bunch of noble buildings from hundreds of years ago, they have since been turned into museums and libraries, both of which are open to the public.

The city gains most of it’s income from tourism. In fact, every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this historic capital. Due to the huge numbers of tourists, the local shops generally have high prices. The most prosperous shops are the souvenir shops, who make a lot of money off the gullible tourists.

“Is she okay, Master?”

Majic who was holding the luggage, calmly asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“Cleo. She seemed rather angry.”

He looked back.

Cleo was painting her distance from them, she was obviously angry.

“……If this continues, it’ll just get worse.”

“Should I send flowers? Maybe a card too.”

“I think that would have the opposite effect.”

Majic said glumly, Orphen just shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s no big deal. Just forget about it.”

“You’re being optimistic, master…”

Majic grumbled, Orphen meanwhile was looking around the streets —— he had gone down the road for twenty minutes. The hotel he checked out was mostly used by dock workers, ordinary travellers cannot rest there. According to Orphen’s memory, there should be an Inn for travelers somewhere around here.

(I haven’t been down this street, in a long time……)

Orphen said to himself, as he stretched his waist.

(I don’t really want to go down this way.)

In fact, he didn’t have many good memories on this street. He grew too accustomed to living in the Tower of Fang that even interacting with other’s caused problems for him. He even fumbled at buying the right ingredients and foodstuffs for cooking, not to mention ——


Orphen finished talking. He seemed to take a deep gulp, as if he was swallowing something. This even came as a surprise to Majic.

“After we find an Inn. We’ll go places.”


Majic started to channel all his energy.

“I want to escape from this pile of luggage as soon as possible, any hotel will do.”

“Great, but first we’ve got to arrange your physical training that you’ll do everyday. We’ve got to awaken the power inside you.”

“……Master, you don’t seem too happy.”

It was true, anyone could see it on his face.

“If my memory is right, about one kilometre down that road there should be a lot cheap hotels. Take Cleo and go.”

“Me and Cleo?”

Majc said in a childish tone

“With Cleo in that state I’m not sure what she’ll do, it’s suicide.”

Orphen was getting frustrated, but so was Majic.

“First it’s training then it’s hotels. What about the Alliance of Sorcerers Alenhatan Branch?”

“What about it?”

“Well, can’t we check it out?”

Majic asked curiously. Orphen held up his chin and began to speak.

“Let me explain something to you, when it comes to magic —— this region takes the opposite approach to magical users.”

“The opposite……approach?”

Majic stopped in his tracks, as too many people were walking in front of him.

“Yes. The Alliance of Sorcerers are very strong —— they generally don’t let people without magical powers access to their buildings. Also, this city is far away from the King’s influence, even with his power he wouldn’t be able to control them. After all, that’s alot of Sorcerers when you actually think about it.”

“So, not all branches are the same?”

“Exactly, and don’t forget that the Alliance is generally regarded as being a thorn in the country’s side.”

“What was that?!”

Majic began to panic, as Cleo’s voice rose up behind him. Seeing her coming, Orphen smiled and waved to her as she approached.

“Well, they haven’t been much of a problem recently.”

“Yeah……but you said they were a thorn in the country’s side.”

“The royal family, to be exact.”

Orphen said, as he held up his finger.

“The capital city of Meberensuto may be the biggest city and have the largest walls. But no matter how many armies they have, they are no match for the Alliance of Sorcerers. I’d be wary of them too if I were in their shoes, it’s basically a matter of who has the bigger stick.”


“Also, it’s not like the Alliance and the government agreed on everything. Especially when the Alliance starts to bolster their ranks, something the crown takes very seriously.”

Majic swallowed as Orphen continued.

“Right now the Royal Knights are in charge of the Misty Waterfall, which house white sorcerers. Only the King and a handful of his cronies know it’s location. Of course the King can also call upon the thirteen apostles, though don’t let the name fool you. There are actually nearly one hundred black sorcerers in their group, those guys could raze an entire city overnight.”

Orphen then held up two fingers.

“Next is the Church, there headquarters is in Kimurakku. Which is in the north of the Kiesaruhima continent, their teachings are widespread across the land. They teachings strongly deal with occultism, and don’t even try to understand others. In short, they hate us sorcerers without reason.”

“Speaking about the Church. There was one back home. Cleo would……”

Speaking about Cleo, she was kicking some trash by the side of the road.

“……Throw rocks at their windows.”

Orphen and Majic looked at Cleo.

“However, the Church holds no real power in Totokanta. They’re power is generally concentrated in the north of the continent. If you cherish life, head to the north and not to the Tower of Fang. If you do, they’ll send they’re assassination units after you. Everyone knows that……”

Hearing this, Majic tilted his head.

“So the Church can order people’s death? Why?”

“You find this strange? After all, they do worship the Sister’s of Fate……”

“……Why do you say that?”

Orphen smilied.

“When it comes to someone’s fate, death is usually included.”

Then he now held up three fingers.
“And finally —— magic is the final cause of why no group has a stable foothold in this city.”

“So, is this third organisation regarded as a thorn too?”

“They are not an organisation. But a race……the dragon race.”


“Yes, since this city was an ancient capital. You know, their legends date way back before we humans existed on this continent.”

Majic frowned in confusion.

“I don’t understand. So dragons once lived in this city?”


A wry smile appeared on Orphen’s face.

“Hehe, you’re confused because you don’t understand what I mean by dragon.”


Majic just sat there in confusion, as if there was a question mark above his head.

“I guess you’re imagining just what kind of dragons they were. A big body, with scales all over, breathing fire. And don’t forget the look on the lizard kings face as he sits upon his treasure. ………Just like this one.”

While walking Orphen pulled out his dragon pendant underneath his shirt. Before entering the city, he had hidden his dragon pendant there.

“……So they’re the same?”

“Nope, they’re different. This dragon pendant is only a symbol of their power, as you can imagine they probably looked like large reptilian dinosaurs and they just spit fire. They aren’t interested in gold or silver, they’re just lizards.”

“……But the legend of the dragons——”

“Yes. The legend says that the dragons have excellent abilities, superior intelligence, and some of them could actually speak.”

“Is the legend credible?”

“Of course they are.”

Orphen then laughed mischievously.

“But that’s not to say that legends are sometimes distorted. Behold! A magical dragon that talks!”

Majic thought to himself for a moment.


“Master, is the magic you use and the magic dragons use the same?”

“Well, magic and spells aren’t the same thing. Simply put, magic is what dragons use, and sorcery is the power of the gods. As for spells and incantations, that’s a story for another time.”

Majic rolled his eyes.

“They had all kinds of uncivilized beliefs in ancient times, back when we were mammals and the gods openly used magic.”


Majic was beginning to understand, Orphen then put the dragon pendant back under his shirt.

“Among the mammals, there are six races. Just take a look at that fountain in the square.”

“Oh. That strange long haired lion?”

“Yes, that is one of the six races, the red lion (Fairy Dragon). The wolf (Deep Dragon) and so on. They stole the secret rituals of the gods magic, and made it their own. These six races are now collectively known as the Dragon, and they resided on this continent. In addition to the celestial being’s?.”

“Celestial being?”

“Yes, they used ancient magic. Kinda like a demigod with tremendous magical power. The legend was composed exclusively of women, though we don’t know this for certain. They are human beings that don’t look much different from the average human. Their eyes are bright green, just like that of the Dragon. Anyway the celestial being’s had a good relationship with the humans.”

“……So, how close was this relationship?”

Majic said, but Orphen didn’t speak for a moment.

“Well, if you must know there were half-breeds.”


“In fact, us humans that can use magic are a result of that. Which means that we or some of us are born from human and Dragon hybrids. Though that’s not to say there aren’t some genetic problems……”

“I see.”

Orphen’s face looked troubled.

“Even though we are related by blood, there is a fundamental difference.”

“…… What is the difference?”

“For example, whether you are a white sorcerer or a black sorcerer you use your voice —— saying a certain magical incantation to cast magic. This is called voice magic, and it’s effect’s are only temporary. But ——”

Orphen put both hands on his hips.

“The celestial being’s used writing as their magical medium —— because they didn’t use their voices, this is called silence magic. The text can be written on pretty much anything, you could even engrave it on metal and the effects would be permanent. Though when compared to voice magic, it’s more powerful and complex.”

“How powerful?”

It was a natural question, but Orphen looked very embarrassed.

“Well, I haven’t personally seen any silence magic in action. So it’s hard to say —— though I have seen the legacy they have left. From magical words engraved on rings, swords and the like. Just like that one that bastard stole from me. In short, it’s not something the ordinary person can handle. There have been many attempts but no one has succeeded thus far at putting them to good use.”


Majic then spoke with honest eyes.

“Even so, that hasn’t stopped people from pursuing their power.”

“Well ——”

Orphen now wore a self-deprecating smile.

“I didn’t say someone that whose strong enough couldn’t do it, even if it may be a stupid thing to do.”


Orphen was full of confidence when he said those words, Majic just couldn’t understand him, he just blinked his eyes and shrugged.

“So, why can’t the Alliance of Sorcerers gain a stable foothold in this city again?”

“Whoops, guess I forgot about that part. To put it bluntly, the Dragon Faith is strong in this city. The Dragon Faith generally only exists around the border regions, but Alenhatan is an exception.”  

“……How come?”

Majic asked, and the answer was simple. Now there was less people on the streets, and they took a side street, leaving the tourist trail.

“Because people are afraid of the unknown. That’s why 100 years ago they hunted down sorcerers in this city. ”

“How many people died?”

“……Who knows.”

Orphen then lead the way to Alliance of Sorcerers Alenhatan branch. The street was full of tall buildings, since most of them were apartment buildings.

“It doesn’t look well maintained.”

Majic said, but Orphen just sighed.

“It’s used to be an abandoned elementary school, the school moved to a better location. Though the place has seen better days……”
He then turned around and saw Cleo about ten metres behind them, she was obviously avoiding them.

Orphen then spoke impatiently.

“Hey you back there, why don’t you say hello!”

Cleo ignored him and just flipped her golden hair.

“Just my luck, haven’t I apologized already?”

Cleo didn’t look happy, she then stomped the ground with her feet.

“You call tossing flowers at me an apology?!”

“Come on, what did I do wrong?”

She didn’t bother responding, she just stared at and started gnashing her teeth. Orphen let out a triumphant smile.

“……Master, cut it out.”

“Anyway you’re acting like a total child, you are an adult so act like one.”

After listening to Majic, Orphen replied without even looking at her. Cleo’s face only become more contorted as she became angrier, she then lunged and punched him in the gut.

“It seems it had the opposite effect.”

Orphen murmured.

“As if that will solve the problem……”

Majic calmly said, then Orphen had no choice but to face the Alliance of Sorcerers building.

“We’ll sort our problems out later.”

Orphen said as the approached the building, he saw a playground built beside the building but oddly there was no movement, not even a stray cat. Orphen couldn’t help but feel strange——as there were no guards in sight.

“Isn’t there anyone in there?”

Majic said as he was staggered beside Orphen, still carrying the large bags.

“This place has some unfortunate memories for me……perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s an old friend, but I’m not sure if she’s here. The last time I saw her was in a hospital.”

“What makes you think she’s here?”

“She’s a sorcerer. If you want to survive in this city as a sorcerer, you’ve got to stick with family——and that means the Alliance of Sorcerers.”

He stepped back a bit and looked at the playground once more, he saw Cleo standing at the playground’s entrance.

Orphen though about half-jokingly waving at her. She would probably throw rocks in anger, but luckily he was too far away.

He raised his right hand but——

Suddenly he sensed a strange entity behind him, inside the Alliance of Sorcerers building.


Orphen could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, as a foreboding feeling went over him.

Noticing this, Majic shouted.

“Master! What’s wrong!?”

He shot a glare back at him——but before he could even open his mouth a huge whirlwind consumed the building. It was so strong that it even started pulling parts of the playground up into the air, meanwhile Orphen and his comrades hung on anything the could find. The playground was being destroyed and the Alliance of Sorcerers Alenhatan branch was crumbling before them. All the could do was hang on to something to save themselves, but even that wasn’t enough as the whirlwind wasn’t made of just air——but energy!

(This is bad, I never expected this)

Orphen quickly covered his hand so he could save his breath for a magical incantation. Now——the whirlwind started to expand and gain power as it threatened to engulf them, so much that small stones were starting to impact them. Orphen quickly began chanting the incantation.

“I spin thee——”

——Suddenly windows smashed, and pieces of glass hit him——

“——Armor of light!”

Like oil being poured onto red-hot iron, a shining ring of light appeared around Orphen——the shards of glass were destroyed by the barrier. At the same time, pieces of wood from a nearby billboard were being torn off. Even if it hit him, he would be protected.

With a hoarse voice Majic shouted towards Orphen.

“……What now?”

“Let me think.”

Orphen said as he looked towards the playground, a once peaceful scene. Parts of the playground were being destroyed by the whirlwind, but luckily it had not reach Cleo yet. The girl just stood there stunned, with a pale face.

“Whoever’s doing this can’t keep it up for long, though I’m not sure if my shield will hold out.”

“And what if it fails, then what?”

Majic said with a trembling voice.

“I’ll think of something.”

But just as Orphen spoke, more parts of the playground were being flung into the air.

“Damn it!”

Orphen’s barrier had begun to fail, gaps were starting to appear in the barrier. He was helpless against the might of the whirlwind——then suddenly he could feel his magical energy being sucked from his body, the feeling made his shudder.

Then he noticed something——he couldn’t make it out, but there was someone standing at a window on the third floor.

It was a wondrous sight. Orphen was surrounded by clouds of dust, obscuring his vision. But he could make out that it was a man——no, what seemed like a man.

(“What the……?”)

Orphen could see parts of it now, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It had pale bluish skin, with no visible hair on its face. It’s eyes looked like they were carved by a professional sculptor, but it oddly didn’t have a nose. Then he caught a glimpse of it’s mouth, an open slit which looked like it was saying something. Orphen wasn’t very good at lip reading so he couldn’t tell what it was saying, all he knew was that it wasn’t good.  

Then he saw the silhouette lift it’s unusually thin arms, it’s thin fingers gently holding an old large sword——Orphen had a feeling of deja vu.

(It’s the Sword of Baltanders! Then——does that mean Vulcan is in there?)

Suddenly his barrier was broken. Majic gave out a moaning cry of despair as wood chips flew at both of them, some of them striking Orphen in the forehead.  


Orphen felt like he was going to pass out, but he just pressed down on the wound and soldiered on.

“Damn him! That bastard——what mess has he got himself into this time!”

Suddenly, the ferocity of the winds brought down a part of a wall. Then Orphen stuck out his right hand and shouted intensely, as part of the wall made it’s way toward him.  

“Sword of Light, whom I do release!”

A bright flash of light destroyed the piece of the wall, as it exploded in the air. He chanted the same incantation again as he turned around the face iron bars which were torn from a nearby ladder. Suddenly his right shoulder was impacted with a metal bolt, he then screamed as he fell to the ground. He felt a tingling sensation coming from his shoulder, he couldn’t move it, it seemed to be broken.

Orphen pressed down on his shoulder and groaned aloud.

“Oh shit……I think it’s broken.”

He usually says things like this without thinking.


Majic said, as he looked down at Orphen on the ground.

“Time is short, so listen up——”

“I can’t take this! I don’t want to die here!”

Orphen thought about grabbing his apprentice and making a run for it——but as he looked around in despair, he knew they’d only be flung up into the sky.


At the playground nearby, he could hear Cleo shouting something. Though it was impossible to hear her over the roaring tornado, nor could he see her clearly. The only thing he could make out was the white t-shirt that she was wearing, the suddenly——

A bright white light spread around the area, but it made no sound. Then followed multiple tremors and shock waves as the building was hit with what could only be described as an internal tsunami. Orphen felt like his eardrums were going to burst. Meanwhile it seemed like the building was breaking down from intense heat, then it finally gave way and exploded……

Orphen just lay there, until he had enough strength to stand up. Then he saw frantic housewives scuttling about trying find their laundry, most of which was blown about due to the wind. Meanwhile Orphen struggled to make sense of what just happened.

“Ouch, the pain!”

Orphen said, as he could feel his body ache all over.


“My goodness!”

Orphen ignored their screams, Cleo then rushed over and hugged him.

“Are you alright? I hope nothing’s broken!”

“You’re hurting me!”

Orphen tried to shake Cleo off, knowing that she was oblivious to his pain.

“What’s wrong with you, can’t you hear me?!”
“Of course I can hear you, I’m not deaf!”

“Well, I will be if you don’t stop shouting in my ears.”

“Oh yeah, the explosion.”

Cleo said as she let go. Orphen then looked at the Alliance of Sorcerers building, which was utterly beyond recognition. The Cleo spoke, obviously puzzled by something.

“I wonder why the explosion didn’t reach beyond the playground?”

“…… What did you say?”

He looked towards what remained of the playground, and then it dawned on him——the explosion only occurred within the immediate vicinity of the Alliance of Sorcerers building. Buildings were turned into rubble, the playground was turned into scorched earth, but the devastation didn’t go beyond the playground’s fence. He was mystified, why would someone intentionally limit the range of their attack?


Open mouthed, Orphen’s eyes looked at the mountain of rubble. A minute of two before the Alliance of Sorcerers building stood there, now gone, completely destroyed. Sand and dust was sent everywhere, slowly being scattered by the wind. Then he realized that only him and Cleo were there, Majic was nowhere to be seen.

“Majic, where are you?”

Frantically Orphen ran to the devastated playground. Then he stood still, realizing that more movement would cause further injuries to his internal organs. Nevertheless he looked around the playground, but he couldn’t find any trace of his blond friend.  


Cleo moved behind him, and started poking his left wrist.

“I think I’ve found him……”

“Well, where is he?”

Orphen asked. But she didn’t speak, she only pointed her index finger into the air.

He hesitantly looked upwards——

He cried, as he saw Majic floating two or three metres in the air. Majic was falling towards the ground, noticing this, Orphen hurriedly chanted an incantation.

“I summon thee——damn it!”

He panicked, as didn’t shouted the rest of the incantation. Actually, the second part of the mantra was irrelevant——all he had to do was pick an object or a location. So Orphen shouted with all his might, as he spoke the rest of the incantation.

“Help! Ma——jic!”

……Orphen succeed in reducing the speed at which Majic was falling. Orphen could feel the magic being used to control his apprentice’s descent, meanwhile he breathed in and out as he wiped his forehead.

After a few minutes, Majic softly touched the ground. Cleo poked Majic in the cheek to see if he was still alive, meanwhile Orphen looked back at the mountain of rubble.

“……That man……”

He rattled a couple of thoughts about his brain, as he wondered if that figure he saw was caught up in the blast. Orphen sighed, wondering if that guy was the mastermind behind the explosion. If he was, he wouldn’t have died when the building exploded. So that means he must have escaped, and those two idiot brothers had something to do with it……

Aware of what just ensued, some residents of the nearby neighbourhood came out to see what happened. Their faces showed little sympathy.

An old man came towards Orphen, noticing that he was injured. He was a bald man, and his words were not those of compassion.

“Are you a sorcerer?”

“……Ah. I’m not what you think.”

Orphen replied with a dispassionate voice, though he clearly didn’t sway the man.

“I have a feeling that we’ll find out sooner or later.”

“……Huh? What do you mean by that?”

Orphen asked. But the man simply closed his eyes and shook his head.

“Somebody’s got to pay.”


Nobody spoke after that. Everybody was silent, and the atmosphere only got more tense.

Orphen was going to punch the man in the mouth, but he noticed something——it was the rubble, he could hear groaning. The he turned his attention to the oncoming crowd, who started loudly booing them.

Then at the pile of rubble, something——stood up, Orphen thought that it was the silhouette he saw. Orphen gulped, for her remembered that what he saw wasn’t human——but it was something else.


Coming out of the rubble he saw a human being, a 20 something year old woman in fact. She was dressed in low ranking sorcerer robes, and had dark hair that went down to her waist. She stuck out her bruised arm, as she continued to climb out of the rubble. She was now in full view, everybody could see that she was wearing a pair of damaged glasses and was in pain. Then she made her way towards Orphen, obviously to the crowd.

Orphen stared at her as she approached, he was awestruck——it was like he was looking at a ghost.



It was obvious he knew her name, but she was too exhausted to continue. She fell down——but luckily Orphen caught her.

“Steph, you’re still here!”

He then heard a loud thud behind him, it was obvious that Cleo wasn’t happy.  

“That’s called sexual harassment buddy, the least you could do is buy me a room if with you want to sleep with me.”

It was night time——

It just passed twelve, and there were no shadows on the sidewalk. It was beautiful at this time of night, as the moonlight lit up the roads. There were several multi story buildings, this was a civilian residential district. Those who aren’t used to this area generally find it strange, as the road here was several meters wide. Several men and women who looked like students walked down this road.  

“Are you into that sort of thing?”

The man said, the woman shrugged.

But before they could continue their conversation, a silhouette suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Oh my, what have we here?”

“……Who are you?”

The tall figure looked about three metres, as it stood there motionless.

“What an idiot.”
“You think you can take us on?”

A couple of the other men joined in to berate the mysterious figure.

“Was that a challenge?”

The mysterious figure said, as his cloak fluttered in the wind revealing a scabbard.

“He’s got a weapon, maybe we should call the police!”

One of the women said.

“What’s wrong, are you afraid of a knife?”

“That goes without saying!”

“Don’t you remember, I said I’ll always protect you.”

“Guys, look out——”
The figure pulled out his sword, and the all stopped talking as the figure waved his sword in front of them.

“I won’t allow this idle talk to go on any longer! Behold, my name is——”

“What’s all the commutation out here?!”

Shouting came from one of the nearby dwellings, but then——whack!


A potted tulip plant was thrown at the shadowed figure’s head, and he silently stumbled to the ground.

The man who threw it shook his head in amazement as the potted plant was lying at the figures feet, it wasn’t even damaged.

Then suddenly——the silhouette sprung into the air as if he was spring loaded toy.

“Damn! Who the hell threw that!?”

“I-It’s a monster!”

The men shrieked and ran away, then the women ran after them crying.

“These darn humans, one day I’ll wipe them out by blocking their toilets with toilet paper!”
“Are you okay? Brother……”

From the street corner a similarly dressed figure emerged with a fur cloak, his glasses reflecting the moonlight like two giant eyes.

“It’s nothing.”

“But the pot plant……”


He wondered what he meant by “ah”, maybe he thought it didn’t hurt him because his skill was so thick.

“What’s with the ah?”

“You wouldn’t understand, to rule the world you’ve got become famous first!”

“How exactly will harassing couples in the night accomplish this?”

“……We were merely testing our skills.”

“It didn’t look like it.”

“Shut up! One day when I get stronger I’ll finally rule the world and then I’ll make that damn sorcerer pay!”

He then stomped on the potted plant, and started shouting.

“Once I master the control method, then I’ll be able to rule the world!”

“I’ve told you before! Shut up!!”

A new figure had appeared in the street, sending Vulcan reeling to the ground. Now moonlight filled the streets, enhancing Alenhatan’s ancient beauty.  

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