Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Dreamcast GDI

Well, here you have it. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (The Eternity You Desire) for the Dreamcast, note that this is a GDI which means it’s only playable through an emulator on the PC. At least as far as I know, anyway’s I ripped this using the Dreamcast SD Card Reader found here, and Dreamshell which is installed onto an SD Card which pops into the Card Reader which in turn goes in the serial port on the back of your Dreamcast. Anyway it works perfectly and you can find the fruits of my success in the links below:

Part 1:!74sTzAgB!IxKk5jhZwCexV2mVELKrbEtZxhn3NWSvXrDZhK0d6Mg

Part 2:!O4sGWBRZ!Vy4U-mpAXiZ6tSdg7RkMLWjM_vDDRkmv-V143PtljYw

Also if you know of someone who can turn a GDI into a CDI file then either let me know or ask them to do it, for the benefit of the community of course.


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