Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey – Doll, comply with my commands – Chapter 0 – Prologue

Chapter 0 – Prologue
It was dark, very dark. Except at the end of the stone corridors there was light, and an entrance was revealed. The walls were covered in a peat moss like substance, which sheened.
Several people could be heard in the room……
“Hey……what is it?”
“It looks like a……doll.”
“Dozens, maybe even hundreds are here. It’s strange…”
“Stephanie, can you read these words? It seems like an old saying…”
“…They have accepted the mission, no matter —”

The girl read the text, while men behind her began to talk.
“Incredible. To think they’ve been down here for so long…”
“Yeah, they’ve been hidden under the city. Until now……”
“No matter how long it’s been, it will come to pass eventually —”
“However, once you are done with your findings…”
“Yes, we’ll move on once she’s finished. Anyway it sure beats staying in the city.”
“No matter how long they wait, they’ll never forget the mission.”
“I’m going to Totokanta……maybe someone from the Tower of Fang can help…”
“Good one, you think the teachers can help?”
“Will you be quiet! This line, they have accepted the mission — it’s repeated over and over, like some kind of mantra.”
“I don’t care about that, I’m going to Totokanta.”
“Cut the chatter, help me get move this thing……”
“They had no choice but to take on the mission — this was made very clear.”
Sounds echoed throughout the cold hall. They all had feelings of despair, for they knew nothing of what the future would bring.
The hall was dark and wet. It was filled with the stench of moisture, which isn’t suitable for storing bodies.
“I am unable to give you life, though it may be possible with stronger magic —”
There was a hint of regret in the voice.
“It is a possibility, but my ancestors had no such talents. They have become powerless throughout the ages, we now lack the necessary strength.”
In the darkness, a green outline appeared around the robes. It was a soft and tender green.
“We may not have what you seek, but we can give you something else…”
That was followed with a short sigh.
“My abilities are limited. It won’t be long before I die. No one will come to my aid — for they are long gone.”
Laughter rang out across the hall.
“This body has been down here for so long.”
“Why must we drench ourselves in this disgusting smell.”
Something swayed in the dark.
“Well if you can smell it, that just means you’re still alive. Now hurry, we haven’t got much time left.”
Then all their voices suddenly fell silent, as something crept out of the darkness.
One of them saw it, and shouted
“Ah! What the hell is that!”
The shouting soon turned into screams.
“Get the hell away from me!
“It’s coming closer!”
Suddenly it stopped in it’s tracks, and stood there as if it was in a weakened state. Then it fell to the ground.
It slowly whispered.
“We accepted the mission, accepted the mission…”
“One day my master…”
Now the sound was coming from a completely different direction, even though the voices sounded the same.


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