Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair Ep01-20 (Triple Audio) [DVDRip-480p-8bit]

Based on the lives of prominent American songwriter Stephen Collins Foster (1826–1864) and his childhood friend (later his wife) Jane “Jeanie” Denny McDowell, famous from the song Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Japanese title: 金髪のジェニー Kinpatsu no Jeanie) he wrote for her.

All available episodes have been uploaded to YouTube so if you don’t’ fancy downloading them you can always watch them there. I’m also slowly uploading them to mega so check the link below for them. Be sure to check out Stephen Foster’s music because it’s used in the show itself and it’s pretty good. Oh Susanna was actually featured in episode 20 though the translation isn’t word for word to the original. Anyway, I’m enjoying this and I hope you are too. See ya later…


DDL Link:!fwdzmZzR!T9TtikVGeSlOVubq2jC1uA

Video Source: DVD
Video Codec: H.264/AVC
Video Resolution: 640×480 (4:3)
Video FPS: 23.976

Codec: AC3
Track 1: Japanese
Track 2: Chinese
Track 3: Italian

Track 1: English Subs (SRT)
Track 2: Italian Subs (SRT)
Track 3: Italian Subs (DVD)

Episodes are also available to watch on YouTube:

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