Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey – Beast, respond to my call – Chapter 0 – Prologue

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey
Beast, respond to my call
Chapter 0 – Prologue
“Don’t look at me!”
But he cannot look away, or rather his whole body is stuck in some sort of paralysis. He stood at the entrance of the room, staring blankly at her…
The room was very well organized and clean, with daily necessities properly placed in each corner of the room. There was an old bed, tables, bookshelves, and a closet filled with clothes, and a thick layer of curtains hung from the window. And the floor is covered with a soon to be polished carpet. She knelt down and stretched out her hands, clutching her face while screaming out aloud.
“Don’t look at me! Please!”

However, even though he heard her screams, he was expressionless, motionless.
It was a short fifteen-year-old teenager. He has black hair, dark coloured eyes yet he retained a trace of childishness, though he does show signs of maturity even if only faintly. Overall, he is a skinny teenager. However, having said that, starting from an early age he received numerous of experiences in combat training, so he isn’t frail, his body is slim like a sharp blade, standing erect.
He doesn’t seem to understand the situation which is unfolding. He could only comprehend that she was crying out aloud “Don’t look at me”, while slumped on the floor crying.
“Azalie , are you crying?”
However, she did not answer. She covered her face with both hands and kept yelling, “Don’t look at me.”
She wore a loose black robe – which is the mark of the black sorcerers from the “Tower of Fang” who hail from this continent, only people with potential get to wear this uniform. Girls like her, around the age of twenty generally don’t wear this sort of clothing, thought for her to complete her combat training she had to cut her wavy black hair quite short. Since her face is covered with her hands you cannot see it clearly, but between those fingers there are a pair of dark brown eyes. Her height and age is almost the same as most of the boys, though she has very slender limbs.
“Don’t look at me please, go away!”
She yelled again, but her words fell upon deaf ears. Moreover, her voice seemed full of anger. The boy took a step inside the room, and shouted aloud nervously.
“Azalie, what happened? Wait right here, I’ll go get a teacher—”
She cried aloud, and quickly changed her tune. Because both of her hands were clutching her face, her voice sounded a little distorted.
“It’s useless! Don’t call Childman—don’t call anyone.”
“Enough, get out of here! Leave me alone!”
She held out her hand as she shouted at him, though when his eyes saw her hand he was shocked. As a result of her training, her once beautiful and slender hands and skin have now been reduced to anything but beautiful. But his eyes were now focused to her long fingers, which have now become something like claws. As if he doubted his own eyes he closed them and blinked, then shouted.
“Azalie your hand —?”
“I told you, get out of here!”
She shouted again. And then, her head tilted towards the side, and a large cracking sound was heard, bodily fluids began to pour out of her head, and lumps of flesh also started to fall off. She obviously wasn’t human anymore, a clanging sound was heard as the belt at her waist broke, her waist started to unnaturally twist and swelling up.
The boy started to scream.
Now he finally came to understand — that she was becoming an inhuman monster.
As her waist started expanding her clothes started to rip, revealing a pair of huge wings. At the same time she started shaking, as fluids started to pour from her mouth. Blood mixed with the flesh that fell from her fingers started dropping to the floor. Her chin started to split in two revealing a barely visible red lizard-like tongue, her cries continued.
“Don’t look at me!”
Her cries remained the same, she still spoke with her own voice.
The boy shouted. However, upon realizing that he didn’t know what else to say, he shut his mouth.
In the meantime, she continued to change. With her robe now in tatters, her shoulder were exposed and not long after green scales started to appear — At the same time she now had four arms and her body had swelled to about three meters long. She — or rather it, since it no longer resembles it’s former self, has even grown a tail that goes round her multiple times. It repeated itself again, this time whimpering.
“Don’t look at me …”
Hidden behind it’s eyes there seems to be a burning inferno — with it’s giant body and physical strength it quickly moves towards the window. Beating its wings, it gave out a loud roar and bursted through the window, leaving the tower and taking flight. The boy rushed to the window and skipped over the puddles of blood, but by the time he arrived it was out of his sight, it simply disappeared without a trace.
His expression was that of uncertainty, uncertain of what to do next he went to leave the room, though he noticed something. With the pools of blood that were left behind he was completely oblivious to the swords, which were all blackened with blood and rusted.
Since that day, the boy never did see her again — many years passed.


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