Boogiepop Novel 6 – Boogiepop at Dawn PDF & Ebook

Here we go, the sixth novel in the Boogiepop franchise in PDF & Ebook format. I meant to have this out sooner but I was too busy with work to finish it in time, I spent about an hour today finishing it up even though it’s Christmas. But who cares anyway, it’s not like there’s much Boogiepop fans anyway, though I guess I’ll try to translate a bit of the fourth novel just to see if it’s possible. So there’s that to look forward to, it’s really a shame that even the fan community couldn’t get off there asses to get the novel descriptions done so people could know what the other novels are about. But whatever, here you go:


DDL Links:




2 thoughts on “Boogiepop Novel 6 – Boogiepop at Dawn PDF & Ebook

  1. ¡Hola!

    Thanks for sharing all Boogiepop books!
    I’m a late fan, so to get the books through Ebay/Amazon is pretty complicated [because they are out of print, now people ask for +300$]
    So, again, thanks a lot!


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