[RAW] (船木涼介) 覆面の羊 Fukumen no hitsuji Chapter 1

Fukumen no hitsuji.jpg

Thought I’d rip this from web comic gamma as it looked interesting. The mask itself is enough to catch my eye as is the plot which seems to have a mysterious aura around it with some mysterious group doing some kind of experiments underground. Though honestly not much happens in the first chapter though I do hope it turns into something worth reading.



Fukumen no hitsuji Chapter 1.jpg

Also the dude who is making this made a series of light novels called Survivor zero if anybody has even heard of them.


Mashuri no Hako Chapter 1


Been wanting to finish this up for ages though only got around to it now. Anyway it’s a horror comic if you couldn’t tell already. Here’s a description of the comic:

Hagiri Town is a lonely country town. People have sometimes avoided getting into that topic because of the unusual nature of 56 people missing in the past 30 years. Meanwhile, a male teacher, Gunji has been assigned to a high school in the town. Wherein he is responsible as class deputy and also to take over the floral arrangements club. As head of that club he receives a poisonous red flower from an old man who donates flowers to the school, but…this was the beginning of a nightmare that would change everything!

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